About Marcia Miller

As a business strategy coach and psychic healer, Marcia Miller empowers budding and established entrepreneurs to succeed professionally and thrive personally, so they can experience joy, purpose, and success in all areas of their lives.

Marcia knew she had made the big-time when, at age 31, she and her first million-dollar company were featured on the front page of her hometown newspaper. In the years to follow, she founded three more profitable, creative enterprises. This exceptional background gives Marcia a depth of practical knowledge rarely found in a business coach, allowing her to provide clients with expert, hands-on guidance in such aspects as operations, sales, product development, and marketing.

At the same time, her natural intuitive and empathic talents let Marcia zero in on each individual’s core issues and core power, clear any unconscious emotions that keep them stuck, and guide them to make the best professional and personal decisions.

How It All Began

Shortly after graduating from University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Art and Business, Marcia started a personalized stationery and invitation business. As she invented and created more products, Super-Calli-Graphics, Inc., evolved into a national, then international gift distribution company, selling trendy, “fun and functional” merchandise to retailers and large chain stores such as Target, Rite-Aid, and Hallmark stores across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Marcia holds several patents and was highly esteemed as the originator of “Marcia’s Colors,” a globally popular color palette that changed the landscape of giftware product design worldwide.

Continued Success

Her next venture, I Love Candy, became the first “destination candy shop” for kids in Los Angeles, where she catered to celebrities like Meg Ryan, Steven Spielberg, and Sally Field. It was even featured in the 1998 “Best of LA” July issue of Los Angeles Magazine as the best candy store in Los Angeles.

An experiment selling her own colorful, affordable bracelet designs to the store’s female customers became so successful that I Love Bracelets was born in 2002. This trendy, branded jewelry line was the first to introduce fashion accessories into the gift industry, beginning with Hallmark stores. In 12 years, over two million bracelets, earrings, and necklaces had been sold to 8,000+ retailers and boutiques in the U.S. and Canada.

Supporting & Inspiring Women

As a hands-on CEO and creative director, Marcia managed a network of 150 sales reps and a full in-house team of designers, marketers, and salespeople. Twice a year, she art-directed a 48-page full-color print catalog of hundreds of new product releases, complete with photo shoots. In addition to overseeing jewelry design and curating the collections, Marcia created numerous online marketing campaigns for wholesale and retail websites, and designed award-winning gift industry trade show booths.

Recognizing that women were buying I Love Bracelets jewelry to sell them at home parties, Marcia developed a direct sales business model that helped them to earn money with built-in distributor discounts and commissions. From 2004–2009, The Marcia Miller Collection grew to hundreds of distributors around the U.S. To support and inspire this enthusiastic nationwide network, she produced a 150-page training manual and established a successful fundraising division to benefit schools.

Her Psychic Journey

So where did Marcia’s psychic skills come from? Growing up, she had many of the same qualities as “Indigo Children”—intelligent, creative, rebellious, and extremely sensitive to others’ emotions—which made her feel different from her peers. At age 16, Marcia began a daily lifelong practice of Transcendental Meditation to nurture inner peace, mindfulness, and well-being. Later, she embarked upon years of therapy to heal challenging emotional patterns and stay balanced as a single mother and driven entrepreneur.

It was several years ago that Marcia rediscovered those innate empathic abilities that she had turned off in self-protection as a child. Realizing that she was naturally able to sense and process people’s feelings through her body, Marcia began to offer empathic healing sessions. Now it is her privilege to merge 35 years of business experience with those psychic skills to mentor clients and guide them to achieve professional and personal success in a way that honors their unique essence.


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