Joy + Well Being

Despite being successful in your relationships or career, have you found yourself wondering lately, “Is this all there is?”
Do you feel frustrated and stuck? Is something holding you back from moving forward, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is? Are you dealing with chronic pain or health conditions that keep you playing safe?

Let’s clear your emotional and physical blocks so you can live a life of joy!

Often, we have hidden emotions from past trauma that sabotage us unconsciously and keep us stuck in one or more areas. We may freeze up, procrastinate making a tough business decision, sabotage our personal relationships, experience physical setbacks, or simply feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, and not know how to release it.

Continuing to ignore or suppress these destructive emotions is like trying to hold a beach ball underwater; they will simply keep popping up and creating havoc. In my work with clients, I have found that these traumas usually lodge in the body and show up as negative emotional patterns, chronic pain, or other manifestations that affect your health and well-being until they are identified and released at their original source.

How Will Psychic Healing Support You?

As a psychic empathic healer and medical intuitive with more than 30 years of personal growth and emotional healing experience, I am able to connect with your unconscious mind, emotional patterns, and physical body to sense where you are stuck at a deep level and clear the blocks, with no effort on your part.

Using my exclusive technique, I pinpoint and then dissolve any emotional triggers that are lodged in the body on a cellular level. This clears the path so you can feel calmer, happier, and healthier, and reach the future you envision.

Unlike other therapeutic approaches, my work is easy and relaxing, without the need to delve into old emotional pain. Psychic healing assists you to clear any unconscious emotions and limiting beliefs that may be running in the background, so you can:

  • Make tough life path decisions
  • Overcome weight issues
  • Manage pain and dissolve stress
  • Ease depression, panic attacks, and anxiety
  • Enhance your general well-being
  • Change your career
  • Improve intimate and family relationships
  • Stop worrying or caring what others think
  • Receive closure or communicate with a departed loved one
  • Animal communication for your pet’s behavior issues

What to Expect

One-hour emotional/psychic healing sessions are done over the phone. Because psychic information is “in the cloud,” you don’t need to be in the same room for me to pinpoint any unconscious emotional or energetic issues that may be affecting you.

So how does this work? Typically, as we talk, inner images appear from your past representing traumas, misbeliefs, or behaviors that no longer serve you; then I dissolve those connections and their influence. In this way, I am able to clear issues that might take a therapist 10 years to resolve.

Each session is uplifting, comfortable, and designed to move you from inaction to action. Clients often say that they are soothed by my calm presence and find themselves buoyed by the humor I bring forward. My approach always honors the beliefs of each individual client.

After our time working together, you will be reconnected with your inner essence, realigned with your core power, and ready to take on the world!

First, let’s make sure that I am the right person to support you in creating a life of joy, love, and success in every area.


“I had suffered from recurring nightmares and panic attacks for over 15 years. My heart pounded so hard that my chest hurt, and I was often unable to go back to sleep. The next day, I was usually a wreck, exhausted and traumatized, with a headache. Due to ongoing stress, the episodes were escalating and I was having up to two or three attacks per week.

I’d seen many medical doctors, therapists and hypnotherapists about this issue over the years, but nothing has helped. After a particularly bad episode, I went to Marcia. Since I had seen so many professionals, I had no real hope that she could do anything. However, she had me relax and started asking me questions. I believe that I may have ‘gone under,’ as if I was hypnotized, because I remember so little about our session. When she brought me out of it, I felt incredibly rested and relaxed.

Since then, I have not experienced any recurrences of these terrible episodes that used to affect me. I am amazed at how Marcia released the source of my attacks and feel wonderful.”

Chantal, Dance Instructor
Fresno, CA

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