Passion + Profits

Are you a multi-talented individual, good at many things, who would love to turn your passion into profitability, but don’t know how?

Are you a successful business owner who has reached a plateau, feels bored or dissatisfied, and wants more? Are you a professional with a side hustle struggling to make money and grow your business so you can quit your day job?  Do you want to introduce your existing e-commerce products into retail stores?

Let’s take your business or career to the next level!

Wherever you find yourself, my Passion + Profits coaching can support you to get unstuck, reignite your enthusiasm for your existing company, build a lucrative new business, or launch a flourishing career that makes you excited to wake up each morning!

Our work together will be both practical and purposeful—from strategic business advice to clearing any self-sabotaging beliefs and emotions that stand in your way.  My exclusive, dynamic technique called “future mapping” will help you paint a much bigger picture of yourself and your business/career vision, then lay out the steps to get you there. As I always say, “You can’t be what you can’t see!”

How Will Coaching Support You?

As the founder and CEO of four highly successful, profitable companies, I have more than three decades of business expertise to share with you. My patented products have been sold by such retailers as Target, Rite-Aid, and Hallmark stores across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. So I will give you all the ins, outs, and secrets that I learned through trial and error over 30+ years.

I can facilitate you to envision and attract not just a job, but a fulfilling, meaningful position that you love.

I can mentor you through the process of product development, building a sales team, and creating effective branding and marketing materials.

At the same time, I will provide guidance on the personal level to release unconscious limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging emotions that may be holding you back, tap into your personal power and core purpose, and expand your vision, to realize dreams bigger than you could ever imagine!

What to Expect

I provide one-on-one coaching over the phone.  Clients often tell me that they appreciate my calm, rational presence and find themselves inspired by the insights and humor I bring to my coaching.

Once we decide to work together after our initial strategy call, I will customize a proposal based upon your individual goals and needs.

First, let’s make sure that I am the right mentor to help you achieve your business or career goals and thrive in all areas of your life


“Before meeting with Marcia, I was feeling hopelessly stuck in terms of making decisions about my career. I had just left a very toxic work environment, and I was wrestling with what I wanted to do next: find another (potentially horrible) full-time job or freelance while starting my own business—the latter being what I was leaning toward. I was doing a little bit of everything (searching for all kinds of jobs while trying to build my own retail and e-commerce business) and waking up every morning with horrible anxiety, all while getting no real results.

“Within the first 10 minutes of our first session, Marcia completely changed my outlook regarding my priorities. I went into the call thinking I wanted to focus more energy on my business, but she helped me realize that this pathway was likely going to lead to more stress and less financial security. This was hard for me to process (this was my passion project!), but Marcia helped me work through my grief and reframe my perspective. By the end of our first call, I was feeling more relaxed than I had in months, energized, and excited about finding someone else to work for.

“Over the next week, I had a renewed sense of purpose, and I was finding opportunities I had subconsciously been blocking myself from. I was reaching out to people I never would have imagined reaching out to before, and I was getting responses! My confidence totally skyrocketed, and for the first time in a long time, I could imagine my future. This feeling only intensified during our second session. Marcia guided me through a future mapping exercise, and all of a sudden, my future was even more crystal clear. We went through details I never would have imagined on my own, and I left the session feeling like I had a total sense of direction.

“After just three weeks of working together, I went from feeling hopeless and depressed to feeling like I had a bright future. I went from hating every single job opportunity I was finding in LA to finding 10+ companies I could see myself working for. I went from searching for jobs that I knew I didn’t want to finding soul-satisfying opportunities I had been blocking from my view. And thanks to Marcia’s strategic advice, I’ve dramatically expanded my network almost overnight.

“Marcia has a gift unlike any I’ve ever experienced. We connected at a time when I needed her most, almost like she was handed to me from the universe, and I’m so grateful for her ability to truly see me. She was able to clear intense negative feelings I was having about myself, and she helped me feel calm and confident for the first time in a really long time. Anyone who’s going through a tough transition should talk to Marcia. I can’t thank her enough!”

Caryn Carver
Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Heyerman and Brenda Kizzire of Odonata Care, LLC share their experience working with Marcia Miller to rebrand and market their book: The Care Plan, A Path to Comfort for the Hospice Patient.

Direction is invaluable to any person entering the business world. Consulting with Marcia is like having my own navigation system to guide me through the hills and valleys of my new for-profit business venture. The greatest concern I had before coming to her was how to organize my business so that it becomes productive and grows. She has shown me in two short sessions the possibilities I could not see on my own. I love our brainstorming sessions, with her focus, great ideas and passion for helping others be as successful as she is. Marcia is just what I needed!

Carmel Boss
Founder, CoAbode
Los Angeles, CA

I met Marcia Miller at a marketing seminar. As a business owner and entrepreneur for over 20 years, I was not only impressed by her varied experience in running and establishing businesses, but by her wide range of experience in product development.

“After Marcia learned a few details about an invention and patent I had been working on, she offered her services to critique and make suggestions around every aspect of my product. I came away from our meetings with not only clear useful information on how to improve and simplify my product, but how to best structure a fair agreement with another partner and designer, who have been working on the project with me.

“Marcia has a way of being able to get to the important points quickly and is willing to tell you how she sees it, even if it isn’t what you wanted or expected to hear. Her uncanny ability to simplify designs and products as well as structure agreements, I found extremely helpful. Her passion for business combined with her depth of experience in every aspect of business development, further add to the value of the services she provides.

“After contacting Marcia, the initial excitement I felt about my product has now been re-enlivened. I highly recommend her services for anyone involved in any kind of business.”

Dave Butler
Fairfield, IA


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