Space Clearing

Are you concerned that you, your workplace and/or your home might be affected by toxic energy?

Let’s remove negative energy!

Just as the art of feng shui addresses physical clutter and placement, space clearing is a way to eliminate the energetic, or etheric, debris in your surroundings. It’s like psychic dusting and vacuuming!

We are constantly evolving as human beings. As we grow, our environment might still be holding onto the “former you,” which is like living in old bath water.

Anything that has taken place in a location—such as arguments, death or a tragic accident, heartbreak, serious illness, traumatic events, and even our own daily experiences—can be imprinted astrally into the structure of the space, including the walls, floor, furniture, and objects, causing stagnation or even health issues.

From direct experience, I can tell you that smudging with sage (or burning a candle) just doesn’t cut it when it comes to effective and permanent energy clearing! However, this technique can be helpful to keep the positive energy going afterwards.

When Will Space Clearing Help?

  • Before moving into a new location, get it cleared first.
  • After a big change at work, like a management shift or employee departure.
  • When your office just “doesn’t feel right”—it seems dull and morale is low.
  • If there is always something that is stuck (personally) or broken (in your surroundings).
  • Following an organ transplant, to clear the energy of your donor and the trauma of their death.
As described in the below videos, I am able to remotely sense and clear energetic blocks that hold people back. Space clearing can rebalance the energy and eliminate vibrational blocks, stress, trauma, strong emotions, old memories, and negative entities and energies of:

Your home
Your business place
A building, land, or construction site

You may be surprised to find yourself, family members, staff, customers, and others feeling lighter, freer, and cleaner, along with the space that has been cleared. Many people have stated that they can finally relax in their own body; others find it easier to physically declutter their home or office after a clearing.

What to Expect

Energetic space clearing with me is as simple as having a one-hour phone call. Because psychic information is “in the cloud,” I don’t need to be in the same room as you, or in the location that I am clearing remotely.

We will begin by talking about the space being cleared; as we do, inner images will appear to me. I might see past incidents or people that created the negative vibrations, or even discarnate entities or lost souls that are still present astrally, with ties to that location. Then I will release any negative energy, trapped thought-forms, or emotional charges.

Each phone session is uplifting and comfortable. I will openly talk about what is being cleared as we work together. Clients often tell me that they find my calm presence to be soothing.

Still need more information about energetic space clearing?