What Clients Say

“First of all, THANK YOU to Marcia Miller for being an amazing person.

Marcia started giving me business coaching in 2003 to expand my vision for my dance business. She showed me how to expand my passive income, my marketing, and made me think of myself and my company as larger than life. Secondly, flash forward to fifteen years later where I am a Champion dancer of my craft, financially retired, and very happy. I owe so much of this to Marcia’s coaching. Thirdly, life can be rough. Marcia helped me empathically through issues dealing with my late wife, my recent house fire, and more. She felt and knew things that she could not possibly know. Her assistance and guidance has been beyond tremendous.”–Doug Silton, Portland, Oregon

“Marcia Miller has an intuition and sense about what’s going on before you even say it.

A lot of things are below the surface, we’ve accepted them, or ignore them, and she brings them to light and breathes air into them. To be more specific, I am shocked every time we have a session, that she is able to get to the bottom of what’s going on with me, what is holding me back, and also gives me great tools when I’m alone in how to deal with these daily struggles. I find myself often talking about her and quoting her words to others and they are also inspired by her ideas and wisdom. To have someone to talk to with a background in creativity and business but also with a deep understanding and intuition, is very special. I leave each session feeling very heard and understood, but also molded into something more positive.” – Meagan Cignoli, Business Owner

Marcia Miller is an incredible, rare gem of a healer for sure! Her intuition is spot on and her ability to be a channel for healing is truly miraculous. In my first session with Marcia, she was able to see core issues that had been causing me frustration and physical pain for a long time. Very quickly, she helped me clear these, and I noticed significant shifts immediately.
The greatest one was regarding my posture and the pain it had been causing me my whole life. Right away I was standing taller. I am more conscious of slouching and correct it immediately. In the past, any attempt at fixing this would cause even more pain. Being free from this pattern is a tremendous blessing.
Marcia is well worth the investment. Don’t wait…work with her now. You will be very pleased with your decision. – Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht., Mindset Coach, Los Angeles, CA

“Early in 2020, I was diagnosed with a rapidly progressive and highly invasive prostate cancer with a highly elevated PSA of 180.

It was deemed inoperable by the first three urologists I consulted, but a fourth performed a complicated pelvic surgery in May. Although my PSA declined significantly after the procedure and follow-up oncological therapy, even the low values of 0.07-0.08 indicated the remaining presence of prostate cancer cells in my body. 

“I then consulted with Marcia and underwent a therapeutic session during which she visualized removing small, stringy cotton ball-like substances from the right side of my abdomen, which I speculated could have been lymph nodes containing metastasized prostate cancer cells. I underwent a repeat PSA soon after, which was unmeasurably low, to the delight of my Massachusetts General Hospital oncologist, who encouraged this approach. Many months later, all of my markers remain clear.

“Marcia also initially found something wrong with my shoulders which she expunged. Ever since, I haven’t experienced this weird intermittent deep aching shoulder discomfort that lasted a few minutes once or twice a week. Wow, she is amazing!” – Jeffrey Korff, MD, Endocrinologist,
Northampton, Massachusetts

“Marcia, I want to thank you. Our sessions together gave me the insight and direction I needed to hear when it comes to my career path. You were right on when you revealed where I am right now. It is temporary and just part of my journey to move forward. You were also right about my ‘love path’ and how I need healing. You could see my soul. Meeting you was no accident; I’m very grateful our paths crossed.” – Denise, Salesperson, Colorado

“I was working with Marcia on our weekly call. She told me that her guides were working on my back and that it appeared that they were ‘raking my back like spaghetti squash.’ We both laughed at the image, but what happened next surprised both of us. All of a sudden, I could breathe. There was a lot of congestion in my lungs that had been bothering me for quite some time. After our session, my lungs were instantly clear and remained that way all week until I ate something with sugar. After that, I gave up sugar and I’m feeling better.”  – Jackie, California

“So appreciative of my sessions with Marcia! She was gentle, kind, made me feel safe. What she was able to share has stayed with me and continues to be helpful guiding light in my life!” – Suzanne, Salesperson, Florid

“As a struggling entrepreneur, I had attempted to work with a number of coaches to support me before Marcia, but none of them felt as effective.

My extremely creative mind has been both a strength and a weakness, since I have had difficulty taking my ideas from the realm of the conceptual into the real world. Typically, after starting many projects, I would begin doubting myself, lose momentum, and feel lost. Being guided by Marcia with kindness and compassion during our regular sessions helped me stay on track with my commitment. She is versatile in her approach, able to provide effective emotional support in addition to practical strategies. I have learned that most outcomes, whether success or failure, are the result of the inner mental and emotional dialogue. Her commitment to my success was palpable from our very first conversation. As soon as we started working together, I saw results both in my emotional health and my financial situation. Within a few weeks, I was able to produce income doing what I love. Best of all, Marcia is in it for the long haul—spending six months working with her was the best professional decision I have ever made. Looking at where I am now compared to where I was before, it is amazing to see the amount of progress in such a short time. I am convinced that without Marcia’s help, it would take years to figure this out on my own.” – Yelizaveta Nersesova

“Marcia was really able to tap into what’s going on with me and gave great insight on things for me to focus on and think about moving forward. I loved the experience and highly recommend her.” – Rob Grad, Artist, Los Feliz, California

“I experienced Marcia to be insightful, sensitive, and honest. She was well honed in her observations and I felt a lot more clear after our sessions. Grateful!” – Amy, Hair Stylist, Californi

“I hired Marcia to increase sales for a division of my company. You can rely on her for vision, creativity and getting things done. She has a passion for the market, especially when it comes to the larger mass market. I’ve seen her succeed in every endeavor she has taken on, from gift items to chocolate and jewelry. Besides her product development and marketing skills, Marcia is a delightful and insightful person. You will enjoy working with her. I’m fortunate to count her as a close friend for almost 35 years—from the early days of Day Runner, where we exhibited our companies to the gift markets; through my second business, Tools With Heart, when she helped develop my line for wider distribution; to my current fine art photography venture.” – Felice Willat, Founder Day Runner, Inc., Tools With Heart, LLC, Felice Willat Photography

“Marcia is a creative energy that has driven the gift industry for 30 years! She spots trends 2-3 years before anyone else. I have known her since the rep agency I worked for sold her line Super-Calli-Graphics. Always one of the first people to introduce a new category, Marcia owned Super-Calli-Graphics. She helped bring innovative stationery items to an industry where mostly greeting cards and note cards existed before. In the mid-’90s, only a few people realized that jewelry and personal accessories could be sold by the gift industry reps to gift stores. Prior to this, only jewelry reps carried these lines. Jewelry became a multimillion dollar part of my agency’s sales and Marcia’s line was a huge part of this.” – Dan Kennedy, Owner Dan Kennedy & Co.

“Marcia Miller has a knack for honing in and providing instantaneous clarification and solutions, by using her brilliant intuition and asking the right questions. Her own achievements and background as a successful entrepreneur qualify her as a top-notch guide to others’ success. With Marcia you get answers, not assignments. I highly recommend gifting yourself with the opportunity to enhance your life with Marcia as a part of your team!” – Deborah Koppel Mitchell, Founder The Conscious Meme Network

“Before I met Marcia, I was struggling to earn enough in my freelance copywriting business to support myself consistently, even with 20+ years of experience. In our sessions, she intuitively identified and cleared the emotional and psychic blocks that kept me from receiving financial abundance. Since we started working together, I have not only become more productive, but acquired several higher-paying retainer clients and tripled my income! Having money in the bank gives me greater confidence, stability, and peace of mind. Thanks, Marcia!”– Teri Breier, The Writing Goddess, Long Beach, CA

“I experienced Marcia to be insightful, sensitive, and honest. She was well honed in her observations and I felt a lot more clear after our sessions. Grateful!” – Amy, Hair Stylist, Californi

“Wow! After a brief conversation, Marcia looked at a future hurt, then went to my early childhood and a past life to figure it out! Something that honestly had been sitting in my heart for a long time, silently putting out poison, was brought to the forefront and recognized and dissolved. I feel lighter and free. Thanks, Marcia!” – Mary, Arbitrator, Maine

“What Marcia told me was amazing. There’s no way to really know anything till things pan out and they did!” – Sunny, Photographer, Venice, Calif.

“Direction is invaluable to any person entering the business world.

Consulting with Marcia is like having my own navigation system to guide me through the hills and valleys of my new for-profit business venture. The greatest concern I had before coming to her was how to organize my business so that it becomes productive and grows. She has shown me in two short sessions the possibilities I could not see on my own. I love our brainstorming sessions, with her focus, great ideas and passion for helping others be as successful as she is. Marcia is just what I needed!”
Carmel Boss, Founder of CoAbode, Los Angeles, Calif.

“I have always been very hesitant about trying anything new.

But when I injured my kneecap, I thought it would never hurt to try a session with Marcia. I rested while talking to her on the phone. She plumbed my past for any issues that might be influencing over 25 years of knee issues, discovered my past problem, and I haven’t had any swelling or pain since! Later, I had an eye issue and also talked to her about that. She helped relieve the stress and anxiety I was experiencing, which also helped the problem. Now I’m just waiting for the next problem she can help with! – Carol, Business Owner, Ohio

“I was feeling a bit unsure about what a psychic clearing was and how it could help me (especially with my work and business) but after a short session working with Marcia, I feel like my eyes are open to the power of this and I am blown away!

“She pinpointed a pain in my left arm and shoulder, which I hadn’t mentioned to her, describing it like it was being held behind my back and twisted, and I was holding on to something so tightly it was causing me problems. When she said that it should feel light now, I was like, hmmmm…OK, but when I got up and moved my arm around, I was stunned that I could actually lift and swing it freely without any pain! Total WOW moment that had me SUPER impressed! –
Sue McLachlan, Australia

“Marcia has a way of gently digging deep within a person’s psyche and figuring out where their blockages are holding them back in life.

She was able to figure out for me where it is that I’m personally struggling and clear that negative energy for me so that I would be able to move forward in those areas of my life. I felt such great relief after my sessions with her.” – Dana, Journalist, California

“I met Marcia Miller at a marketing seminar. As a business owner and entrepreneur for over 20 years, I was not only impressed by her varied experience in running and establishing businesses, but by her expertise in product development.

After Marcia learned a few details about an invention and patent I had been working on, she offered her services to critique and make suggestions around every aspect of my product. I came away from our meetings with not only clear useful information on how to improve and simplify my product, but how to best structure a fair agreement  with another partner and designer, who have been working on the project with me. Marcia has a way of being able to get to the important points quickly and is willing to tell you how she sees it, even if it isn’t what you wanted or expected to hear. Her uncanny ability to simplify designs and products as well as structure agreements, I found extremely helpful. Her passion for business combined with her depth of experience in every aspect of business development, further add to the value of the services she provides. After contacting Marcia, the initial excitement I felt about my product has now been re-enlivened. I highly recommend her services for anyone involved in any kind of business.” – Dave Butler, Entrepreneur, Fairfield, Iowa

“I was at the edge of some amazing life changes that just weren’t happening fast enough for me—so I scheduled an appointment for a psychic clearing with Marcia. As we began our call, I got comfortable, relaxed, and opened up.

“Marcia saw things that resonated in my mind: images, visions, vibrations, thoughts, and feelings that I instantly recognized. She was both an innocent, curious observer and a gentle, wise guide on this journey of healing my outside, inside, past, present and future. As the blocks were dissolved, I felt deep electric tingles and was enveloped in complete calmness.

“Through it all, Marcia communicated the messages she received, while encouraging me to breathe and let go. Now, the path to my goals is much clearer and the obstacles practically nonexistent, thanks to the work we did together.
“Let Marcia in. You’re welcome.”– Paul MacFarlane, St. Louis, Missouri

“As you were working back through my life experiences, it brought up many memories.

You were right on with your visions. I figure that hour was worth 10 years of conventional therapy. It was good that you did all the work for releasing the emotions and let me just experience it without me doing the work. Your caution of feeling like floating afterwards was true. While driving home, I had to backtrack because my head was full of thoughts and my recent mental travels with you. So grounding is important. Thank you for using your gifts and taking the time with me.” – Pamela, Bookkeeper, Los Angeles

“As I had my morning call with my partners, I could see right through the issue and find a place to stand that is now very empowering.

Something I have been struggling with for more than a year now got resolved this morning. And it is a BIG deal. So I wanted you to know that opened up also in the space you provided. Thank you again.” – Greg, Consultant, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Marcia is gifted. My session with her was intensely eye opening and clarifying. Throughout it, I felt a deep sense of calm and peace. I felt fears and heavy patterns lift from my being, and I relaxed into one of the most peaceful sleeps of my life. To this day, I feel the positive effects of our healing session. Marcia made me feel safe and cleansed. I recommend her healing to anyone and everyone.” – Anonymous Client

“Marcia is very good at going to the root of the problem.

She quickly identified things that I’ve struggled with my whole life. Specifically, when she asked about decision making, I started laughing because it’s the number one thing that tortures me. She worked on clearing that out and there has been a lightness around decisions ever since. Marcia’s intuition is sharp and she’s very fun and easy to be with. I highly recommend her for clearing out deep-rooted soul issues.” – Emily, Film Industry, Los Angeles, Calif.

“I’ve been coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for almost 30 years. I don’t know how, but over the phone, Marcia was able to help me release things and somehow it allowed me to better accept the situation.” – Mochi, Electrician, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Marcia has a gift. One phone call to her and she saved me from making a substantial financial investment in what I thought was a solid business endeavor.

Yet she could instantly see things hidden from my view—holes that would’ve cost me thousands of dollars and countless wasted hours of my personal time. I still wanted to put my idea into action, so Marcia developed a business model for me that would allow my idea to manifest as a thriving business. And it did! I initially placed my trust in Marcia because of her long-standing track record of owning successful businesses, and now I trust her even more because of the favorable results she produced. She’s incredibly tuned in, trusts her gift, and lovingly and clearly lets you in on what you need to know. I continue to consult her because she keeps things on track, always lends her creative eye, plus her easy-going style helps me execute with clarity and precision. Thanks a million, Marcia!” – Gayle, Business Owner, Hawaii

“I had no idea what to expect, but before our first session, Marcia made me feel comfortable and at ease.

She was totally in touch with me, and spoke about things that I had totally forgotten about. She put me in touch with my feelings and made things much clearer for me; it was as if she knew me my entire life. She felt my pain and burdens, my worries and panic and she totally connected to me. After working with her I came out a new person, with a much brighter future. Now I’m happy and free. I feel like I have been cleared for takeoff. Marcia calls it transformational coaching, but I call it a word from God; I don’t allow just anyone to speak into my life, but I’m very happy I met her—she is my angel!” – Felecia, Author, California

“Marcia Miller is the real deal! It’s as though she can see in 360 degrees.

Want to know what is ahead of you? Marcia looks forward and a picture, as well as the feelings of the situation unfold. Want to know ‘why’ something is or isn’t? Marcia looks back, and arrives at your past experience, whether in this lifetime or another, and finds the answer that has eluded you. She not only sees what happened, but she heals the pain or trauma of the past just by looking at it. Marcia can also assist you with the present. During a recent telephone session, she began identifying places in my home where the energy was stuck or unbalanced, and recommended solutions—as I followed her instructions, I felt the difference immediately! I highly recommend Marcia’s good works…and she is now on my speed dial!” – Heidi, Attorney, Venice, Calif.

“Working with Marcia was an exciting and revealing experience.

I gained direct insight into the very things that I have created to ‘hold myself back,’ in order to move forward with more confidence and ease towards my deepest desires. Much of the confusion and worry I felt about creating my most preferred reality has vanished, and I feel much lighter because of it. The intuitive gifts Marcia has shared with me have been so useful for my day-to-day living by impacting my creative potential. I am so grateful for the experience, and can’t wait to tell more people who are open to it!” – Candice, Student, California

“I was anxious about life without my husband in the likelihood I will outlive him.

Whatever you did in our work together, I no longer dwell on it and enjoy the present without it being a big shadow over me. At the time we talked, I was in a period of transition having just accepted a buyout at work. I was worried about the future and our finances. You pictured me teaching one-on-one which is what ended up happening—I became a consultant at the hospital I worked at which often involves training individuals. As far as our finances, you saw lots of dollars in our future which our financial advisor confirms. You also brought up something I didn’t realize was an issue, the relationship with my granddaughter. We now get along extremely well and enjoy being with each other. As a result of your work, I am confident when I picture my future.” – Jennifer, Nurse, Ohio


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